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Image353 Image354 Image355 What is the secret of a successful wedding? A successful wedding is one in where EVERYONE has fun!

   It is a pleasure for me to welcome you to my site. It is not easy to summarize my whole deal in a few sentences, but surely you will find information about my work, ideas, technical background and scientific and practical expertise for many important details, which cannot be forgotten when choosing the right musical setting for a Wedding

  I understand very well that this is one and only day in the life of every bride and groom, and I assure you that by choosing my offer both guests and you will be very pleased. I assure music tailored to your tastes and guests from feast to the latest hits, I animate the fun and integration dancing singing wedding songs, run unique oczepiny ceremony, I play with just with you until dawn :-)

   I work with many DJs in the region, so even if I am booked I can recommend a proven person.

A few words about me:

  My name is Hubert ( DJ / AXEL entertainer ). I am a music presenter, a DJ and dance leader :). I work in artistic and musical support for all kinds of musical events such as:

- weddings
- after wedding party
- karaoke
- New Year's Eve
- banquets
- events
- open air
- promotions
- integration events
- events for companies and establishments
- disco
- proms, etc.

   Merits of fun in addition to well- chosen music that matches the nature of the event, games and attractions is the correct animation and conduct. I strive that every guest can find something for himself, and that each has something unique lasting in memory.

What I do as a bellwether, presenter, compere and DJ?

   First of all, I play music that suits your taste as well as assure an amazing atmosphere of the wedding party by conducting so-called "oczepiny" and other games designed to improve the humor of guests during the wedding reception. I thoroughly prepare the wedding scenario including oczepiny playground, play area for guests, playlists, and more.

Why Dj- presenter, entertainer and not the band?

  - Playing only original and well-known hits is a guarantee that you will hear what you like    and only in the original version !

  - I am able to play almost every song as opposed to a band that plays a specific repertoire.

  - I never make long breaks - everyone can play when they feel like it !

  - I have firmly established plan of the event, and the music is adjusted on an ongoing basis to the different tastes of guests and their ages!

  - At any time the wedding guests have an impact on the nature of the event, they may ask for a favorite song and dedicate it to a selected person.

  - Positive feedback of people who have played in the events conducted by me are proof of the quality of my services. I make every effort to ensure that guests were happy with the musical repertoire and conducting of dance event.

  - On request I play to " BLESSINGS " at home of the Bride

  - I run a wedding in English.

  Feel free to read my offer, where I write about the importance of dance leader - how I understand my role and present a proposal and the conditions of my work.

Frequently Asked Question:

- At the request I play to " blessing" in the house of the Bride

- The first " one hundred years " when greeting the bride and groom and wedding songs while having fun is sung in person with only background music ( I do not use " ready made songs " )

- I play all sorts of music feast, Polish and foreign music and the latest hits

- I play the music perfectly suited to the playing people

- Events run individually or in teams of two - four -person ( bellwether + dj + team )

- Working with music bands

- I assure the overall professional sound and lighting

- Before each event we set the musical repertoire

- I lead integration and team activities for guests

- I do not drink alcohol during events

- I work throughout Poland and abroad.

Yours sincerely
Hubert Bartnik
Bellwether WITH PASSION / DJ Axel

Begin Wedding Time! ...let's fun lasts for white morning!

I am in order to organize a complete music for your wedding and wedding party and make all your guests have a good time.

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Bellwether, Dj,

and Musical

mobile: 509 397 702

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